This is HpO® Citizen

For your citizens to spontaneously report anomalies

Intervene more quickly
Improve the quality of service
Ensure user satisfaction

It only takes 10 seconds for your citizens to report a problem on the street or in their homes

HpO Citizen application free
HpO Citizen application
HpO Citizen application - water network anomaly

How does it work?

HpO® Citizen allows your citizens to spontaneously report anomalies on the public domain or in their homes.

Each citizen can download and install HpO® Citizen by scanning a QR code provided by the community

The only information needed for reporting is

Localisation (GPS)


Type of anomaly

Comment Optional

* An on-the-spot report with a photo is mandatory (no selection of photos from the gallery to avoid false reports)

How do I manage alerts?

Altereo offers you HpO® Viewer,  a private and free space that allows you to visualize the alerts on the map, to consult and process them. You can also export them to your GIS or your spreadsheet.

The benfits for you


One button and go!
10 seconds is all it takes to signal.
No training required.


Anomalies visible only to the community subscribing to the service.
Individual feedback


No personal data required. Association with the desired service by QR code.


Guaranteed hosting and backup.
No unsolicited data sharing.


Photo required at time of reporting.
No access to the phone's photo gallery.


Choice of trade(s).
No obligation to purchase other HpO® services.


What areas are covered by HpO® Citizen ?

Drinking water




Any other field...

Your tailor-made Citizen application

How much does HpO® Citizen cost?