Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is it easy? Do I need any training?

HpO Collect®is very easy to use. No training is required.

2. For how many time is it free of charge?

HpO Collect® is free of charge without any time limit. 

3. Does the application stop if I don’t work with Altereo?

HpO Collect®is free to use and without any obligation to purchase additional services offered by Altereo.

4. It’s free of charge, but does it require any additional investment?

HpO Collect®has to be installed on Android and iPhone. We assume that your agents already have smartphones. No other hardware or software is required to make the most of HpO Collect® features.

5. Where does my data go?

They are securely hosted by the Ozwillo association, a trusted third party recognized for the preservation of digital commons. They belong to you permanently.

They will never be shared, unless you choose to do so.

6. How can I view my data?

HpO Viewer®, a free private space, allows you to geographically visualize your data on an Open Street Map type background, to consult and analyze them easily and to export them to your GIS or your spreadsheet.

7. And then? How to go further?

When the time comes, you can benefit from HpO IA®,our patented, award-winning artificial intelligence, to optimize your replacement program and ensure that every coin invested is effective.

HpO Collect®is free to use and there is no obligation to purchase additional services


8. Who can see my data?

Youre side : The Account Manager and the users designated by him/her and allowed to view the data.

Our side : It is possible thanks to is HpO Collect®premium.

See the definition of Manager on the Terms of Service.

9. How can a water utility have an "official" account?

The person who will be the  HpO Collect® account Manager for the water utility downloads the application and follows the opening procedure to create the water utility official account. A validation step for the official account will follow.

10. How many Users per water utility?

HpO Collect®

is not limited to a number of users per water utility. However, if an abnormal number of users appears for the same water utility, Altereo will alert the Account Manager to clarify the situation.

See the definition of Manager on the Terms of Service.


11. My Users will not accept to be "watched"

No agent name is required to operate HpO Collect®.

Only the GPS point and the date of the operation are recorded.

The time is never recorded.


12. Sometimes we don’t have mobile network coverage on the field

We are aware of it! HpO Collect® works in disconnected mode.

The data comes back into the system when the mobile network connection is available.

13. Can extern people "pollute" my data?

No. Only terminals that you have authorized can enter data into your water utility account.


Even if an unauthorized terminal records a leak in your territory, it will not be associated with your account.

14. I want to see my water network on the application

It’s possible thanks to HpO Collect® premium

which requires the integration of your shapefile documents by Altereo informatique. Contact us for more information.

15. Who owns the collected data?

You own the data collected by the terminals associated with your account.

16. If I want to stop using the application, will you delete my data?

Yes, your data will be deleted after you download it for your own backup.

Read the Terms of Service.


17. Why does Altereo offer a free service?

Altereo provides the water community with a free service to collect data on water network failures in order to create the right conditions for the emergence of an optimal asset management and to fully fulfil our role as environmental intelligence awakeners.

We are convinced that Responsible Replacement® is the key towards the sustainability of water utilities, both in France and worldwide:

  • Preserving water resources – Resilience to climate change

  • Maintain the level of service – Quality of life and health safety

  • Reducing energy bills – Savings for water utilities / 2050 challenges

Our highly advanced R&D and operational innovation require continuous improvement. Data is the key to our R&D progress in the future.