High Performance of Water Utilities

From asset management to efficient replacement of networks

Current issues for water utilities

What is your need?

Better manage

water resources

Reduction of leaks

Resilience towards climate change

Solutions to face drought

Access to water (UN SDG6)

Better manage

public finances

Efficient network replacement

Limitation of intervention cost

Long term control on water bills

Reduction of the electricity bill

Better interact

with roadworks

Better hierachise and organise replacement works

Works coordination

Prevention of critical breaks

Avoid non-planificated works


From a free and easy mobile app to complex algorithms which make your data talk

HpO® Collect

Quick and Easy Data Collection

A free mobile app to simplify and structure the collection of data required for asset management


AI-driven efficient water network replacement

Artificial intelligence for data-driven failure risk prediction and optimal replacement planning

HpO® Citizen

Citizen Involvement & Crowd Sourcing

A user-friendly  mobile app to facilitate the reporting of anomalies and reduce intervention time